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Personally I enjoy the entire episode but indeed the scene in the diner and even the previous scene were hilarious. Sam shoving his newly holographic head through a tree and Al thinking his last name is Beckett! The Al Beckett thing cracked me up so hard.

Returning to the Donna factor for a moment, Temptation Eyes was another episode according to Another Time, Another Place in which fans had issues with Sam being unfaithful to her. Again I fault her and Al for not revealing her to him.
At the same time however the fact that she herself requested that he not be reminded while the logic behind it is arguable has a positive angle to it that never seems to be considered; it's an acknowledgement that he can't be faulted for his actions as a result.
The novel Knights of the Morningstar offers a portrayal of Donna which extends what is only scratched at the surface in The Leap Back as we are given a glance at her reactions to both Temptation Eyes and Trilogy. There is an understanding and acceptance presented which matches how Scott feels about it.
Another argument of Scott's is that as long as Sam was aware that he wasn't hurting Donna he would not have trouble acting as needed.

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