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Originally Posted by blue_enigma
Two things about the "I don't care" line: first, I think that once again this is a case where Bellisario brought his own stuff into the writing; but second, taking the line itself at face value, I don't think Donna literally meant that she didn't care about Al and I don't think she was willing to allow him to die either. She was reacting in the moment. She was extremely upset, and she had every right to be. Her husband was lost to her, for all intents and purposes, for four years, and then when she finally got him back it wasn't even twenty-four hours and he had to leave her again, possibly (and as we know, definitely) to never return - and as was pointed out in the specific thread for the episode, Sam treated her pretty badly as he was about to leave, completely ignoring her until she made him tell her what he was doing.
It never crossed my mind that there had been sincerity in the "I don't care" line and sure there was upset in that moment but then she'd gone on to beg him to stay. So she did have some intention whether consciously or not to leave Al to die as did Sam. He'd just stood there considering it until she told him to go. On an unrelated note, I'm almost certain Al would have sided with Donna if he'd been able to have a say, that he would have sacrificed himself to keep Sam home.
I'm in agreement with her, it wasn't fair, it sucked! After all he's done Sam makes it home but at a price that cannot be paid and the wife that had waited for him for four years has him back but can not hold onto him.

As for Sam ignoring her while preparing to leap again until she'd asked, consider this set of lines:
"How will you get back?"
"Use the retrieval program."
"It didn't work the first time you leaped."
"I've updated it."

He thought the retrieval program would work this time, that it would be in and out. Still it's true that it was crappy behavior and goes back to my little essay about how their relationship is not believable because Sam is ultimately married to the project first.
Though if you look at the scene under the stars, he may have learned from his time leaping that he needed to give more to his loved ones. Even in the first two seasons you get a sense of guilt from him towards things like being unable to help Katie get away from Chuck and not appreciating Tom enough until he'd died (Camakazi Kid and Disco Inferno). This goes with another theory of mine that part of the reason for his leaping is to learn from the experiences. Al as well.
I've wondered if he'd thought to phone his family in Hawaii while home.

Originally Posted by blue_enigma
possibly (and as we know, definitely) to never return
No not definitely, I don't care what that screen said, I don't buy it. Once he learned to accept that he was able to control his leaping there is no reason why he couldn't return home in between leaps. Why wouldn't he want that?

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