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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
It never crossed my mind that there had been sincerity in the "I don't care" line and sure there was upset in that moment but then she'd gone on to beg him to stay. So she did have some intention whether consciously or not to leave Al to die as did Sam. He'd just stood there considering it until she told him to go.
Yeah, I still chalk it up to her being extremely distraught and hurt, even past the initial moment, which she had every right to be. But after she got through that initial emotion she did still tell him to go (and again, I stand by my theory that this entire exchange was Bellisario's own baggage coming through).

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
On an unrelated note, I'm almost certain Al would have sided with Donna if he'd been able to have a say, that he would have sacrificed himself to keep Sam home.
Agreed. I also don't think Al would've held it against her that she at first tried to stop Sam from going, even though it meant he would die. I think he would've understood, I think he would've been willing to allow Sam his happiness. Also, she's only human, and Al would've accepted that too.

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
He thought the retrieval program would work this time, that it would be in and out. Still it's true that it was crappy behavior and goes back to my little essay about how their relationship is not believable because Sam is ultimately married to the project first.
I'm not convinced he thought that. Maybe he wanted to believe it, but I don't think he ever checked. It was Donna who asked Ziggy what the odds were that the updated program would work, and the odds Ziggy gave were very, very low. If he believed it would work it was because he chose to ignore reality and never asked.

And he still initially ignores her and brushes her off (though to be fair this is very much caused by the episode being too rushed to be well-executed, as was also pointed out in the 'Leap Back' thread).

I also feel that Sam was somewhat unfair with his initial leap. Yes, he was being pressured to prove his theories. But leaping wasn't his only choice (of course there wouldn't have been a show if he'd made a different choice, but I digress). From what background we're given, PQL was Sam's invention but Al was very much his partner in the building of it. But Sam went ahead and tested it on his own, without Al and behind his back. Which is not really nice to do to your partner and friend. And in the changed history he was leaving Donna behind too, and I'm not convinced that he spoke to her before he went. It very likely could've been a unilateral decision on Sam's part.

I won't get into Sam's unfairness in changing his history with Donna when he knew he was already trapped in time. I've already vented my 'Star Crossed' hate enough.

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
No not definitely, I don't care what that screen said, I don't buy it. Once he learned to accept that he was able to control his leaping there is no reason why he couldn't return home in between leaps. Why wouldn't he want that?

Fair enough. I also view that ending as changeable, since this is a show about traveling in time to change the past.
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