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Originally Posted by blue_enigma
I'm not convinced he thought that. Maybe he wanted to believe it, but I don't think he ever checked. It was Donna who asked Ziggy what the odds were that the updated program would work, and the odds Ziggy gave were very, very low. If he believed it would work it was because he chose to ignore reality and never asked.
This is probably true since he obviously hadn't checked the numbers the first time he leaped since all that was on his mind was the committee threatening to shut him down. More evidence of the project coming before his loved ones as I've been highlighting.

Originally Posted by blue_enigma
And he still initially ignores her and brushes her off (though to be fair this is very much caused by the episode being too rushed to be well-executed, as was also pointed out in the 'Leap Back' thread).
Right, I do believe that that scene was largely what it was due to a time crunch. Another thing myself and another member had been discussing over in the other thread as well as this was how this should have been a two partner episode so that it could have been drawn out more and in a tasteful manner.

Originally Posted by blue_enigma
I won't get into Sam's unfairness in changing his history with Donna when he knew he was already trapped in time. I've already vented my 'Star Crossed' hate enough.
It's pretty evident that that thought hadn't even occurred to him. Remember this was only his third leap, his memory was far from re-developed and he wasn't even accepting of the fact that he wrote his own rules.
I'll stop there out of respect for you're not wanting to discuss this further. Believe me I understand the feeling, I've made quite the broken record around here of my feelings towards the Billy Jean leap. I repeated myself on that subject more times than I wish. That's just one of a few concepts I've vented to death. XD

One more thing I'll say however is that it is my belief that they'd accidentally trapped themselves with the Donna character as they'd probably only written her in Star Crossed to introduce the rule that the time traveler shall not affect his own timeline. Oops.

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