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Originally Posted by Wrong Arturo View Post
To be fair, "Star-Crossed" establishes that Donna would most likely end up with the other guy that she tried to marry before Sam, and writer Deborah Pratt said that this is how she saw the episode as ending. It's really was "The Leap Back" that changed Donna's story -- arguably not for the better, as you pointed out.
Yeah, that's how she might've intended it and I think that would've been a good resolution. But even Deborah Pratt left it open in 'Star-Crossed' -- Al points out to Sam that she might marry the other guy (who she'd also stood up first) now that Sam changed things but Sam says he doesn't think so and that he has connections (looking up toward heaven). And that's it -- Al doesn't definitively tell Sam that she did marry the first guy, the way he told him the outcome of Tom Stratton's life in Genesis, etc. So it's really left open here.
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