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Originally Posted by TylerMeans View Post
Jump the Shark
A term used in TV and sometimes movies. Nowadays the term most used is "Fly off the Rails" or "Nuke the Fridge". Whatever term you choose, but it seems that many of our favorite (and not so favorite ) shows are guilty of this cardinal sin.

Some series, (Star Trek TNG, Babylon 5) never jumped while many shows (Star Trek TOS, Sliders, Lost just to name a few) really did the dirty deed.

I really liked Quantum Leap but I cannot think of a point where the show actually jumped. If I were tied down and tortured and forced to give up an episode I would probably pick on "The Leap Between the States" or 'Lee Harvey Oswald". I found the fifth season lacking in some aspects but I doubt I would say the show ever really jumped the shark.

Your thoughts?
Maybe the Lee Harvey Oswald one but I tend to forgive anything and everything in the last season as they were desperately trying to get ratings and stay on the air.
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