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Default Quantum leap imagine

Chapter 6

After another blue flash Sam found himself waking up in bed and he was laying next to yoko.

He woke up and as he was getting dressed out of his PJs.

Al walks out of a nearby wall and says. Smoking a cigar.

"How's it going kid?"

Sam smiles and says

"where am I this time?"

Al takes the handlink out of his jacket pocket and flips the switch on the side of the link the device starts to light up like a Christmas tree.

He taps the link and says

"It's 1977 and you spend the next two years looking after sean"

"Ok so I am slowly leaping forward to his murder?"


"So has Ziggy got any data on the killer yet?"

"For sure "

Al taps the link more and reads

"Mark was born on 10 may 1955 and kills Lennon outside this apartment."

"Why Al?"

"According to Ziggy he was fed up of John public statements plus his lifestyle and he had delusions related to a book he was reading called the catcher in the Rye. Plus he was a fan of the Beatles."

"But it's hard to believe a fan would kill someone he likes what's his motive?"

Suddenly yoko wakes up from the bed and says.

"Who are you talking to?"

Sam smiles and says

"I am just practising my interview speech. Don't worry go back to sleep"

Yoko smiles and falls back to sleep.

Sam says to Al

"Let's go to the little boys room"

"Not again Sam"

Sam goes to the toilet and as soon as he enters the room and closes the door behind him.

Al is already waiting for him in the bathroom

"What kept you Sam"

Smiling cheekly.

"So why would a fan just kill his idol it doesn't make any sense?"

"Well Ziggy says mark may have been suffering from a mental illness and could of fueled his behaviour."

"What happens to him after the murder?"

"Mark is arrested on the scene found reading his book he was later going to call his book his* manifesto and he gets sent down for 20 years in prison plus life sentence."

"So he didn't do a runner after the shooting?"

"No sam he just stayed and went back to reading his book."

"Well its good he got caught"

"Definitely plus it's good he got stopped when he did because Ziggy says if he hadn't been arrested he may have gone on to kill other people He also contemplated killing other public figures, including*Johnny Carson,*Elizabeth Taylor,*Ronald Reagan, and*Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. At the time of the murder, he had no prior criminal convictions and had just resigned from a job as a security guard in Hawaii."

"Plus the other reason why mark killed John was because as a A longtime fan of*Lennon's*band the Beatles,*Chapman*turned against*Lennon*following a religious conversion, and was angry about*Lennon's*highly publicized 1966 comment that the Beatles were "more popular than Jesus."

"I see, I see"

Sam looks at his mirror image in the bathroom and sees John looking back at him and Sam says to John looking at himself in the mirror.

"This time John I won't let you die this time around everything is going to be different"

And after Sam says that he is overtaken by another blue flash.

End of chapter 6
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