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Hmm. Yeah, confusing as hell. But I wanted to comment on the clothes issue, since Sam & Al touched on this in the comic, Quantum Leap #12... and if you don't think these count as part of the continuum, go ahead and click to somewhere else:

The gist of this issue is that Sam Leaps into a LAST CHANCE GAS joint out in the middle of nowhere into "Lucky," an old man who prefers to be left alone. He doesn't like people whatsoever and would not lift a finger to help you unless it was to pump gas you intend to pay for. Turns out, Sam's there because Norma Jean Baker stops in about out of gas and lost, but she has no money to pay for it because she left the studio without her purse. In the original history, the old man sent her on her way without the gas and no directions: no maps; Lucky cannot read! She runs out of gas in the desert. No more Marylin, because Al thinks even if she would have lived and made it out of the desert, she would have been fired from her current movie, possibly ending her career. This is before she is really well known, too. Without Sam, she would have remained a bit player only! Sam single-handedly saves the Sexual Revolution! This was released about the same time as "Goodbye Norma Jean." Now that the tangent is over...

Before all that at the beginning of the book, Sam is wondering why the boots he is wearing are too tight. Here, I'll let Sam & Al explain from one of my preview scans from the book itself:

And there you have it
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