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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
This has entered my mind as well, Kevin and Sam did leave the scene pretty casually and it's never told if the kidnappers were turned in.
I think the way they played it out was fine, if you're in a traumatic situation, the first thing you'd want to do is get out of it...

Another thing that bugs me every time I watch is the scene where the perv rips Sam's blouse open. Why the hell is he not wearing a bra!?
Sam is a man, he doesn't need one...

There have been at least two other instances.
1.) Thou Shalt Not. It felt as though Sam stayed behind on purpose to ensure the father showed affection to the daughter and even like he leaped at will, he knew exactly when.
"Now Sam?"
2.) Southern Comforts. Sam informs Al that there will be no peeping of the "working girl" because it's time to leap. A minute prior, he even gets that same kind of expression as in this episode.
Also "What Price Gloria" he tells GFTW (really himself) that he's ready to leap...
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