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Night Terror
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Oh, man, there are so many. If I list them all, I'll never finish, but I'll just mention one movie and one show. Some spoilers for those who haven't seen these titles, so, be careful.

In "The Green Mile", when Paul (Tom Hanks), Harry and Brutus Howell take John Coffey to Melinda Moores's house so he can heal her with his powers. Intense and beautiful at the same time. There's another moment before that one, when Del gets electrocuted in the chair. Man, intense stuff! Everytime I watch that scene, I can feel the electricity, too.

As for a show, well, it's hard to choose, but I'll go for "Law & Order: Criminal Intent", when Robert Goren (D'onofrio's character) discovers that he has a Nemesis (Olivia d'Abo).

I know I said just one movie and one show, but I have to mention another one:

In "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit", when Robin Williams's character (a baddie, and masterfully played by him through the entire episode) escapes from Elliot and Olivia, the detectives in that show. But first he tests Elliot about being just another sheep. Elliot shows his thoughts and feelings and Robin's character says "and you, Elliot Stabler, are not a sheep, you ARE a Human Being." A big WOW!

You'll have to see these things to know what I'm talking about, of course.
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