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Originally Posted by Night Terror View Post
I was wrong when I said 3. There are actually 4 different endings.

There's the happy one, where he tells Kayleigh: "if you ever come near me again...", etc. This is the theatrical ending, but was not intended to be the original.

Then there's the original, which is the one where he goes back and kills himself in his mother's womb, implying that he never even existed, and that's what saves Kayleigh. I think this is the one they included on the DVD (the director's cut), but not on the TV version. The TV version always uses the happy one.

The third one is basically the happy ending, but in the final scene, when he sees Kayleigh on the street as a grown-up, he follows her instead of going the way he was supposed to go (kind of an open ending; this is known as the "Stalker" ending).

And the last one is a modified version of the third. The happiest of them all: Kayleigh and Evan cross each other on the street, they both stop, they turn around, they both look at each other, and Kayleigh asks him: "do I know you?", then they introduce themselves and he ends up asking her out for a cup of coffee or something like that. She accepts, smiling, and fade out.

So which one did you see?
Well in what i've was a mix.
Spoiler Alert! (highlight to read)
The "happy" ending as you put it + a little changed "modified third". it ended after Evan went back to the first time they met and told her to stay away from him,or he'll kill her. then we see evan burning down all of his journals in the present and then - 10(?) years later he walk down the street talking in the phone with his mom,when he and kayleigh crossing paths, he stops but not turning around,she walks a few more steps. stops and turns around ,but she only seeing Evan back(he didn't turned around yet) trying to figure out why did he looks so familier(or something),but after a couples of seconds he's not turning around she wave it away and move away,only then Evan turns around and look at her back walking away. after a few seconds he turns around and walks away,too.

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