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Originally Posted by Al_Calavicci View Post

God only knows why Donald Bellisario didnt bring the show back decades ago with Scott and Dean while Dean was still with us. I always hoped they would have made a tv movie to bring Sam back home.
It was the ultimate disrespect to Dean to greenlight a "reboot/sequel" a few months after his death when they had a full 2 decades to get a new series off the ground. For whatever reason given, NBC ownership rights, Bellisarios disinterest or filming scheduling clashes every quantum leap fan would agree with you they would have liked to have seen a happy resolution of the series and Sam leaping home.

It annoys me also watching our childhood favourites relaunched and getting darker deaded out hollow excuses of the originals. I have always wanted a QL resolution and will only be watching for mention of past QL easter eggs and to see the new team finally catching up with Sam and him leaping home. I have no vested interest in "The Next Gen" quantum leap team set 30 years after the original LOL.
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