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Default Re: Handlink

Article 864:
Survey: Who wants "gummi bear" Handlink?

Date: 12/17/2000
From: AJ_Franzman

Hello Leapers!

I'm a QL fan and occasional prop replica maker with electronics knowledge thinking of making a "gummi bear" style handlink for myself. Of course, this is an expensive proposition both in time and money, so what I'd like to know is:

How much would you be willing to pay for an expertly-built copy that looks and blinks almost exactly like the actual props used on the show?

Would you want one with sound effects built in also?

Would you require it to be completely self-contained, or would a wire up the sleeve to the circuitry be acceptable?

Can you provide clear close-up images, detailed drawings, description of the blinking pattern or actual blink circuit used in the original props, measurements, clean sound effect clips, a sample or mold or casting of the calculator model that the original prop was built around (actually it was built on a clear casting molded from this odd-shaped calculator), or other info that would be useful to this project?

I have visited Ian Collier's excellent site ( ) which details how he made one, but I'm hoping to make mine a bit more refined... something that at brief glance, even up close, looks just like the real thing.

Naturally, the responses I recieve will influence my decision on whether to proceed with the project soon or wait until I can fund it on my own to build only a single copy for myself.

Alan "A.J." Franzman
Oops, forgot to include my email
Date: 12/17/2000
From: AJ_Franzman
My email should be linked to my handle on this msg. If not, here it is:


Date: 12/17/2000
From: BlueGoat

It's not as though I could buy one (without everyone thinking I'm nuts) but here's what I think:
I'd probably be willing to pay $50 dollars for it...but thats without knowing exactly what went into it...if it's really nice it's probably more and my $50 for it seems obsurd ;P
I'd like it to be self-contained if possible and practical but wouldn't care too much if it wasn't. Yes I'd like sound effects too
Ok, now here's the real reason why I responded...
it gives a little bit more information and a upclose picture of the gummiebear handlink (even if it is a bit grainy). It isn't much but I thought I'd contribute. BTW if the link doesn't work tell me ;P
Again, I think that's an awsome idea, and I would like to buy one if I had the money, but I really don't <:}

Re: Ooo...nifty

Date: 12/17/2000
From: AJ_Franzman

Thank you for that excellent low-ball bid, BlueGoat!

And thanks for the website info, though I had seen that one already.

Maybe after I've made a couple dozen I could cast you a non-working model, or send you a "reject" casting for $50. With full self-contained electronics it will definitely have to be at least $200, possibly $250-$400. Separate electronics with "cable up the sleeve" might be do-able for $100, but I really doubt it. (Of course, steep discounts possibly up to a FREE handlink will be given to those who make significant contributions to the project.)

This level of expense is the entire reason for my survey. You see, if I only make one working model for myself the unit cost will be well over $1000 (and therefore not likely to be attempted). This does not even take into account the several weeks that will be required to develop a prototype model for casting, along with making multiple molds for casting the different colors of resin into one solid block. But if I can sell a few copies at a good profit, or several copies at a modest profit, my cost drops dramatically, and therefore I will be more likely to make the effort.

One thing that would drastically speed up the process would be the loan of an original prop (guaranteed to be returned undamaged) for making a mold and study of electronics if present. I would definitely give one free working model to someone who lends me a non-electronic original, and 2 copies if I can borrow a working original with all electronics present - I would most likely not need to power it up, just study the circuitry and components used.


Have pictures and prop to help!!!!!!

Date: 10/28/2002
From: ensigneager

I have made a resin model of the gummi handlink, some of the surface detail is a little different to the original. But this can be corrected when making your own. I have some excellent reference pictures though and would be willing to e-mail them to you. If it helps I could also send you the cast resin version I have made, I started the project a while back, but never finished it. I am a novice when it comes to building props but I am quite enthusiastic. I really tried hard when making the gummi handlink, but it would seem you are more experienced when it comes to these things and if it helps with the project then you are quite welcome to borrow the prop.
I think a self-contained prop with working lights would be great. Sound would be a nice extra feature but it would depend on the cost of adding a sound circuit.
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