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Originally Posted by feldon30 View Post
Somehow I doubt the Space Bar was filmed just due to the expense of making a whole new set.
I get the feeling that the "space bar" would have just been a redress of Al's Place bar - who knows, it might have been intended to be the exact same bar set in the far future. I don't think it would have cost that much more for a simple re-dress...

Originally Posted by Avilos View Post
Itís unfathomable and sad to want to think of Quantum Leap ever returning without Dean Stockwell. But seeing that footage gave me one option. Having Susan Diol playing Beth Calavicci as Samís new observer. Beth was in the Navy we have no idea what her professional life is in the new timeline.

Most of all she would be a real connection to Dean/Al and some with history Scott/Sam. That footage could be used to establish that Beth new Sam was missing and is continuing Alís work.
I like this idea a lot
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