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Originally Posted by naggindragon
Laura was not an illusion - Al saw her too and yells at Sam something like "Laura gets out! Go!"

I think she must have sensed Abigail was in danger and wanted to help her... OR she realised that Sam was Sam and wanted to find out more about him, why he was there etc.
SBF wasn't talking about the fire scene, she was talking about the scene near the beginning of the episode, before Sam even knows who Laura was.

I thought that was a little "woo woo," too, SBF - trying to set it up that Laura was a ghost, in order for us to find out later that she's not.

Interestingly, I have the Trilogy on video, taped from its original airing, and Laura is NOT in the fire scene. The person shown, and Al's reference are both to Leda Aider. That's a big QL "unsolved mystery" to me, because obviously Laura was there.
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