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Yeah thats right Cookiemom I was referring to the scene in the beginning. I know very well what happened in the fire scene or at least Kristen and I have our theory. After seeing the entire trilogy we think that Luara was there to save Lita Ater because
Spoiler Alert! (highlight to read)
it was her that was responsible for Violets death(although not deliberatly of course), and she wanted to make up for it; show how sorry she was you know?
Because by the time Luara appears Sam had already gotten Abigale out. She destracted him and that's how Clayton had to leap back in to his death.

Originally Posted by cookiemom6067
trying to set it up that Laura was a ghost, in order for us to find out later that she's not.
Yeah I read the episode guide here before seeing the ep and someting was said about Luara being able to see Sam and I took that to mean that she was a ghost or maybe it was something else it said to also lead me to that thought but whatever it was I was under the impression that she was a ghost.

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