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This is something I brought up in another thread but wanted to elaborate here.
Bestie drew my attention to a 1956 film called The Bad Seed which is far too identical in plot to not have been some of Pratt's inspiration here.

As of today I've seen the film (which is the most significant difference between now and my prior mention of it in the other thread) and in contrast the Quantum Leap adaption is actually quite a bit milder in several ways including the Abigail character.
Spoiler Alert! (highlight to read)
The eight year old in the film is in fact guilty and sociopathic.

One thing that caught my attention was how well the mother in the film had tried to put her daughter in her place and not buy into her BS. Though I expressed having understanding I still wish Sam hadn't been such a pushover with Abigail. Though the line:
"Al do you think a little girl like Abigail could be capable of murder?" was very powerful and shows that he did try to check out the other side of the coin in this situation.

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