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I wouldn't say the scene with Sybil the Psychic was completely unnecessary; there needed to be a convincing response from Eva to Sam's blunt statement "Papa is going to drop you and you're gonna die".

While true that he might have resorted to revealing himself in an unnecessary panic, it wasn't just his own fear of heights that had him concerned that he couldn't accomplish this task. When you really think about it, the few days he had were an unrealistic expectation for him to become efficient in the act and he wasn't in the wrong to be concerned that Eva wasn't any safer literally in the hands of an inexperienced catcher than she was in Lalzo's professional but injured hands making the attempt to get her to altogether drop the act sensible (No pun intended, haha, it actually took me a few seconds to even see that XD).

On another note, you've got to be intrigued by Sybil's ability to see Sam's past leaps in his eyes.
"I've never noticed how many times you've been reincarnated."
"I...uh...I don't believe in reincarnation."
"You would if you could see all the souls I see in your eyes."

That was a very unique hint as to someone being able to see past the aura.

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