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Originally Posted by blue enigma View Post
It definitely went downhill in Season 5 but I don't think it actually completely jumped the shark, and there are still some excellent episodes in the season (I love Killin' Time and Promised Land, I love Mirror Image despite the last black screen, and I even like the hokey UFO episode). Yes, they did break many of their own rules as they went along, they did stuff that Bellisario said he'd never do (like the celebrity leaps and leaping Sam into the Civil War), some of the scripts went down in quality with new writers who came in, and some of the characterizations got kind of off once in a while in this season's scripts too in my opinion (and people seem to either love or hate the evil leapers - I personally didn't like the introduction of the concept). But I think at least most of the core ethos of the show remained, even in Season 5. It was still Sam and Al working together and bantering and being great friends, Sam leaping to help others and put right what once went wrong, etc. So I don't think it completely went off the rails and into shark-jumping territory, but I agree it was on its way there. Had it gone on for another season and if the script for the alternate ending to the finale/cliffhanger for another season was anything to go by then yes, I think that likely would've happened in Season 6 had there been a Season 6.
Agreed wholeheartedly with all points made here. Their deviation from their own rules and characterizations is why when discussing certain concepts I sometimes take hints from Season 5 with a grain of salt. For example that Sam leaping from Oswald to the Secret Service Agent in all logic should have allowed Al to see the leap effect.

My apologies for lacking clarity before if I had but there are several episodes in season five which I enjoy and believe it or not the Evil Leapers, the first two mostly are among them.
Starlight Starbright (the UFO episode) and The Beast Within which suggests the existence of Bigfoot are two very well done episodes with simply distasteful endings when the UFOs and Bigfoot actually appear. :/
What I liked most about Starlight, StarBright aside from the edge-of-your-seat truth serum scene was the fact that this was one of only two elderly leapees throughout the entire series.
One of my favorites in season five is Nowhere to Run, the episode in which Sam leaped into an amputee who'd lost both legs in Vietnam.
Believe it or not despite being a celebrity episode I also happen to love Dr. Ruth. The Annie story was very well portrayed and exactly the type of thing Sam typically deals with. Not to mention there was plenty of humor on the side.

Mirror Image while confusing in some ways was very eye opening and interesting and it thrills me to the bone that Sam ended up seeing the error of not trying to convince Beth to wait for Al and was able to take what he'd learned from Al the Bartender to get it right.

You're right Blue, from what I'd heard of the intention for the sixth season that would have been the true point where it jumped the shark. The concept was hardly appealing. So it's actually a blessing in disguise that it didn't work out.

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