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The concept of Sam leaping into historical figures was an interesting one, and the acting in LHO was great. Promised Land with Sam getting to go back to Indiana was touching in a lot of ways. And Sam leaping into Dr. Ruth? There were some really hilarious moments there. Memphis Melody to me is worth watching just to hear Scott sing, although the story itself isn't one of my all time favorites. And I liked the Trilogy and Evil Leaper story lines. Yes, I do realize not everyone will care for them and there are valid reasons for that, but I'm among those who do like them. So I would say the quality of the show didn't diminish.

That being said, the folks putting the show together (i.e. producer and writers) probably did the best they could to deal with a network that was looking at ratings and threatening to cancel the show. I can't really fault them for attempting to do what they could to cooperate with the network and do what they could to save the show. So no, I don't think they jumped the shark. They did what they had to, and I think they still managed to keep the show entertaining in the process.

I think all the blame should be on NBC.
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