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Knights of the Morning Star is a good book.

I have problems with the "as long as it's not hurting anyone, it's okay" mindset...I don't think it gives license. However, that is the way many people think. People are pretty much going to do what they want.

In Sam's case, he wasn't even aware he was married, and if that hadn't been the case I don't think he would have gotten involved with these other women. It may not be an excuse, but it's hard to take responsibility for something when your memory is faulty like Sam's was, and it may have been a way for the writers to get around Sam becoming involved with other women too as some have pointed out. The entertainment industry doesn't exactly have an atmosphere that encourages being faithful to the person you're married to.

And Donna did say something to the effect that he'd never done anything to betray their love...Which would probably either make her very forgiving or totally unrealistic.

Part of the ongoing theme of the show though was that Sam wanted to get home, settle down and stay in one place.
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