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Originally Posted by MichelleD View Post
And Donna did say something to the effect that he'd never done anything to betray their love...Which would probably either make her very forgiving or totally unrealistic.
I tend to go with totally unrealistic. Unless we assume Donna is a saint. Or polyamorous -- but then Sam would have to be also (or at least okay with it) if their relationship were to work and the show never specifically gave any indication of that.

But especially since it's Donna, a woman who already has serious trust issues with men, this is a totally unrealistic mindset in my opinion. Sam's actions likely hurt her very much, despite the fact that she said they didn't. She may not blame him, or feel that he deliberately betrayed her, since she understood that he didn't remember so maybe he couldn't help it. In the Leap Back it's been 4 years since Sam's been home with her, 4 years since they've made love. Maybe she made the decision that she was just going to enjoy that, without dwelling on something that she thought was now over and done with, and without making him feel worse. The realization that he may have hurt her was very painful to him and I'm sure she could see that.

Originally Posted by MichelleD View Post
Part of the ongoing theme of the show though was that Sam wanted to get home, settle down and stay in one place.
True, but at the same time Sam always wanted to travel in time more than anything, which is kind of antithesis to wanting to stay in one place. He may have wanted to have his cake and eat it too.
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