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5. Shock Theater - I'm out of sync with everyone on this one; not a fan at all, but it's a great showcase for Scott Bakula. High marks for the acting across the board, but especially Scott.
4. A Leap for Lisa - interesting episode with some great moments, but also a ton of plotholes and the treatment of the rape/murder was kind of crappy.
3. Play it Again Seymour - though not a cliffhanger finale - I'm not sure if they even knew there would be a second season at this point - it's lots of fun and the Sam-Al interaction is great.
2. MIA - very moving episode, nice Sam-Al dynamics, fabulous showcase for Dean, and Beth is an awesome character.
1. Mirror Image - I'm out of sync with everyone on this one too. I love it, even despite the last black screen. My one and only quibble is that Al is in just 2 or 3 scenes and only 1 is with Sam (and it's way too short).
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