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Sure, I could post it here, if that's OK. A major problem is this site's tiny limit of total file uploads per user (less than 1 MB). The original images used in my handlink post at the prop replicas forum total almost 9 MB. On forums which have such very low space allotments as this forum, or only allow remote hosting of images, images tend to disappear very quickly. The topics that are then left with broken image links are often rendered completely pointless.

I also thought this forum wasn't an ideal place for the topic, since this site seems to focus more on the original episodes, actors, characters, stories, the "expanded universe" of other media, fan scripts, conventions and so on. The few series-specific props are hardly mentioned, and those mentions were for the most part widely scattered until I consolidated links to the best of them relating to the GB handlink in this topic.

But since my post on the other forum doesn't seem to be getting much attention there, I'm open to moving it here if the image storage issue can be resolved, unless there are significant objections.

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