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Originally Posted by hologramiam
I felt proud the way Miss Melony stood up to her own "people" at the hospital. This was sweet and appropriate. People in her position SHOULD stand up against these kinds of injustices... otherwise, they go unchecked and continue. I live in South Carolina and see this kind of s**t all the time... the black jokes that makes me want to hurl... makes me so damn sick. You go girl!
OMG I totally agree, and I everytime I watch I can almost feel the pride that Sam must have felt watching her. She was so scared to disobey the rules when Sam wanted to join her at the table for tea, but something Sam said finally shined a light for her. I was proud of both of them.

And as for the Al line Hologramiam, It was
"Thank you Charles. You didn't have to swear" because Al had shouted
"Pull into the cemetary dammit!"

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