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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Having watched a lot of SVU, in my recent viewings of this episode I have come to realize that the kidnappers make no sense.

One thing that seems to be supported by Kevin's (bloodied) clothes being found separate from his vanished body and the one man's advance on Sam, is that they are sexual predators.
They're victimology however is all over the place.
In an earlier scene they are shown scouting a couple of kids, a bother and a sister who look to be in the 8-10 age range getting off a school bus and being picked up by their mother.
How could they have gone from that to targeting a 15 year old boy and then making an attempt on a middle aged mother?

While SVU doesn't make me an expert it has more often than not portrayed sexual predators as having specific preferences. Prepubescent girls, prepubescent boys, teenage girls, teenage boys, adult women with handicaps, a certain color hair, a certain race etc.

These guys were under developed and poorly written but it's television after all and I love this episode for Teresa and the series for it's many other well done aspects so it doesn't matter much to me.
I agree about the kidnappers. Overall this episode felt too rushed. The kidnappers were a plot point that didn't make a whole lot of sense. Worst of all, after Sam knocks them out, he and Kevin just get into their car and drive away! Did they call the police? Talk about your loose threads.

The other thing I noticed is that this seems to be the only episode where Sam "senses" he's about to leap, giving Al ample time to say a proper goodbye to Teresa. I can't think of any other episode where Sam has that much advance warning he's about to leap out. Usually it takes him completely by surprise.
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