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A mixed bag of an episode, in my opinion. Well-developed characters here and there... but also sometimes very cliched and, again, one-dimensional. Some very light-hearted moments (like for kids), some very touching, dramatic and serious, and some other were suspenseful. The actors who played the perverts are very believable and those moments were well played out. Teresa was lovable but sometimes a bit distracting, except for her last scene, which was so touching (wow!, I think Troian Bellisario is about my same age now!!).

Liked the character of Jackie, but the bullies were all cartoons and cliched. Didn't like the sister (Susan) at all, and while Kevin was a very good character, the actor who played him looked a bit too old to be playing a teenager, in my opinion. He was supposed to be a 16 year old, I think, and he looked like 22, 23.

I thought the mentioning of that other show by Donald P. Bellisario, Magnum P.I., was unnecessary and a bit over-the-top. The topics in themselves: the teenage years, the bullying, the social pressure, the urge/pressure of losing your virginity, the fact of being different in a middle full of jerks, the sort of life on middle-class neighborhoods like those, the fact of being a single mother with more than 2 kids against the whole world, all those topics were great, and, while Deborah Pratt didn't handle them in a perfect way, perhaps with only a little scratch at their reality, I think she managed to get her point across and it actually worked for me. The first episode with the "Ziggy" voice-over introduction (even if it was a man here - great thing they immediately switched it after this ep.). This intro wasn't as great as Sam's voice-over at the beginning of each teaser, in my opinion, but, as time goes by, you get used to it and it actually isn't that bad.

By the way, that neighborhood were they lived looked a lot like the one that was used in the music video for the song "Subdivisions" by the rock-prog band "Rush" (a favorite of mine).

My rating: Average.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I also loved the way Sam "senses" the correct time when he has to leap out.

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