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Originally Posted by iMonrey
Worst of all, after Sam knocks them out, he and Kevin just get into their car and drive away! Did they call the police? Talk about your loose threads.
This has entered my mind as well, there was never closure with the kidnappers.

Originally Posted by Donofrio_QLTD
while Kevin was a very good character, the actor who played him looked a bit too old to be playing a teenager, in my opinion. He was supposed to be a 16 year old, I think, and he looked like 22, 23.
Come to think of it, you are right. He does look like he could be in his early 20's.

Originally Posted by IMonrey
The other thing I noticed is that this seems to be the only episode where Sam "senses" he's about to leap, giving Al ample time to say a proper goodbye to Teresa. I can't think of any other episode where Sam has that much advance warning he's about to leap out. Usually it takes him completely by surprise.
There have been at least two other instances.
1.) Thou Shalt Not. It felt as though Sam stayed behind on purpose to ensure the father showed affection to the daughter and even like he leaped at will, he knew exactly when.
"Now Sam?"
2.) Southern Comforts. Sam informs Al that there will be no peeping of the "working girl" because it's time to leap. A minute prior, he even gets that same kind of expression as in this episode.

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