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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
I beg to differ, he wasn't according to the surroundings he was in at the time. He was Mrs. Bruckner, a woman and a mother. In The Wrong Stuff Al even reminds Sam that the main rule is that he has to "At least pretend to be who you leap into" and through that white blouse it would be noticeable that Mrs. Bruckner wasn't wearing a bra which wouldn't be proper. It comes off as slutty.
Unfortunately beggars can't be choosers SBF :P haha

Mrs Bruckner was an overworked mother, and Sam had to take on all her duties. Do you really think that with all the things going through his head that the mother would normally have to sort through, combined with trying to save the son, something as trivial as a bra would cross his mind?
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