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Originally Posted by MO View Post
Two things: How many times is that tumbleweed going to cross the road in the bus stop scene?
It did look like a boring town haha. No wonder everyone does just each other

And, how does the creep drive the van if the windshield and side windows are blacked out (which would get him pulled over by the cops in an instant)?
Windows can be tinted and still have perfect visuals from the inside.

Oh, and I saw where a couple people mentioned above that the actor who played Kevin looked older than fifteen. They probably cast an 18tly* actor because he had to take off his shirt in that one scene.

* Eighteen years or older who can pass as younger than 18
Actually, Deborah Pratt explained to us that the reason they cast an older actor was because it's cheaper - minors can only work a limited number of hours.
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