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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
Windows can be tinted and still have perfect visuals from the inside.
In a van, rear windows (behind the B pillar) can be tinted as dark as you like, or even painted over. Front windows can be tinted up to a point. I can't remember offhand what the percentage is. I believe 20%? In any car (in the US, at least) it's illegal to tint the windshield at all, except for the top two or three inches along the roofline, unless you have a doctor's documentation that all your windows are required to be tinted (and even then, there's a limit). In quite a few shots, that van appeared to have its windows painted black. I get that it's to add to the 'creep' factor, but we already saw the pervs at the bus stop, so it seemed pointless (and dangerous!) and completely unrealistic to do that.

Actually, Deborah Pratt explained to us that the reason they cast an older actor was because it's cheaper - minors can only work a limited number of hours.
Now that makes perfect sense. I hadn't thought of that.
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