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Originally Posted by Wrong Arturo View Post
Hi, Anorak!

I enjoyed your write-ups of the first two seasons. However, the first link doesn't work right. I found the article on Season 1 by using the navigation on your page.

This is how I would rank the seasons:


Hi Wrong Arturo, thanks for reading my articles, I'm glad you enjoyed them. I'm not sure which link you're referring to, as I've just tried them all and had no issues? Is it the drop down menu?

I need to see the seasons again, but I seem to remember enjoying 3 the most, like you. 5 I enjoy, but would in some way say it's also the worst. I did watch an episode of that for research on Jimmy (the Evil Leaper one) and I was torn with it... it was like a cartoon compared to the show it had been (IMO, obviously).... but at the same time, I had really good fun watching it.
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