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Default Quantum leap

Chapter 8

Sam was so pleased looking over his formula both Albert and his mind had produced on the black board was Sam's golden ticket home back to his own time he was so pleased with himself he nearly cried.

Sam was of course a genius in his own right he had many degrees to proof that fact plus him actually travelling through time was another proof.

But the two geniuses inside of him had actually come up with the golden ticket sam needed to leap home.

Suddenly he heard the familiar sound of the imaging chamber door open. And Al said out looking very serious on his face.

Sam turned around and said to Al.

"you won't believe this Al but i have done it!"

"done what?" with a confused look on his face.

"come here Al look at the blackboard."

Al looked at the board but it didn't mean anything to him.

He took a cegar and started to smoke it he blew out some smoke rings and said when he took the cegar out of his mouth.

"what does all this mean sam?"

"its the formula data code for ziggy to bring me home"

Looking really excited on Sams face.

"so your saying all I need to do is type all this stuff into ziggy and upload it into her memory banks and she can leap you home."

"in theory yes"

"wow" al was impressed and said

"not surprising when there are two geniuses inside of you right now working out the problem."

"i know i can't wait to try it"

"but Sam we are going to have to put your theory on hold just for the moment"


"its time sam"

"oh no Al i don't think I am here to change history in that big of a way."

Al taps his handlink the device shines all over.

"you're under orders sam if you don't follow your orders the government will pull the plug on the project Sam you can say goodbye to me and ziggy."

"they can't do that Al"

"try telling them that Sam but its not so straight forward plus if you don't do it they are going to send another leaper to this time to do it so one way or other its got to happen."

Sam looking sad on his face plus serious at the same time not sure what to do next says to Al.

"ok what must I do?"

Al taps the hand link and says.

"ziggy has done a location search and says the theory Albert is famous for is in the top draw of his writing desk all you need to do is burn it sam. Once it is burnt albert won't have another chance to submit his findings to the science community so history will change.

Sam nodded in agreement took a deep breath.

He went over to the writing desk found the theory and found a heat source and before he started to burn it he said to Al.

"i hope we are doing the right thing"

Al took a deep breath too and looked at the hand link and said.

"me too buddy but we won't know until you burn it"

Sam started to burn the papers and in that moment Al tapped the handlink and said to Sam.

"times changing Sam its changing!"

And in that moment of reflection Sam was over come in a wash of bright blue light and Sam quantum leaps.....Into a unknown future......
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