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"Matina," Anthony said, almost shouting at this point. "I know you, and I know that once you have those babies, you won't give them up. If you have the abortion, then we can just put this behind us. Turn left at the stopsign."

Sam stopped the car, and turned before responding. He was coming to a residential area. The problem was, he didn't know which house was his, and he didn't know how to ask that question to Anthony, who was already getting mad enough.

"You live on 1056 Rockbiter Road." Sam looked in his rearview mirror to see, Al, who was grinning. That wasn't the first time that Al seemed to be able to read his mind. It also wasn't the first time that Al appeared and listened in on conversations without Sam knowing.

"We need to continue this conversation later." Anthony said as Sam turned on Rockbiter Road. "When we get in the house, I need you to watch the children while I look through the want ads in the newspaper and try to find a job to support you and our three children."
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