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Al immediately took the cue. "Would you like see what this can do?"

The children say yes to this.

"Then you have to let us talk for a minute. Be good, and don't interrupt, okay." Al instructed, turning to talk to Sam.

"Sam," Al whispered, keeping his voice down low, sure that the oldest two could understand what he was saying, "I found something else out. Shortly after the abortion, Tony feels so bad about what he did, he commits suicide. Without him, you, I mean Matina, and the children can't pay the bills, and become homeless." Al looked at the three children, before finishing. "Sam, the children all have to go to orphanages, and you end up losing them as well. All three of them die in that orphange."

Sam stopped and looked at the three children pushing each other, oblivious to what the future might possibly hold in store for them. The problem was, he had no way he could think of to resolve this.

"Al, run this scenerio. He finds a job, one that can pay for five children. Then what would happen?" Sam asked as Al punched in his handlink.
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