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I know I made a huge blunder and seriously underestimated the complexity of my "World Without Sam Beckett" arc, which helped contribute to a lot of the delays. I'd just like to say again that the blame falls squarely upon my shoulders and not on my co-writer Mike Bloxam (MikeKraken). I think the best course of action at this point would be to kindly ask MJ to help us FINALLY finish this sucker.

I would also suggest that perhaps there should be some sort of relaunch or "reboot" of TVS, QR and The Starbright Project. I felt it was great how the ideas from each series were sort of spilling over into each other. I do think, however, that it began to scare some readers off by making things TOO complicated. So, knowing how much tougher it's been for MJ ever since AJ left the series, I have a proposition for her (and Brian, to a degree): I think there should be maybe one or two seasons left to wrap up loose ends and plot-lines. Then, with MJ acting as a sort of "liaison," I'd be willing to at least try to start up some sort of new QL spinoff focusing more on Sam and Al's descendants searching for him through time, perhaps on a more controlled basis. It would build upon elements used in TVS, QR and SBP, but fans wouldn't have to be required to read them to understand what's going on. Might be nice to get a fresh perspective on the world of Quantum Leap.

I've thought about this for a while now. What do people think?


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