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I've had a bit longer to search tonight, so I've been finding out some more info. One problem is that some of the US newspaper sites like the Chicago Tribune are now unviewable in Europe due to legislation, so I can't read them.

But I found this

That's the rating for Roberto!, which was the 54th placed show with 10.2, which I gather translates to 9,394,200 viewers?

Further references, in order of air dates:
A reference to an early episode (judging by the dates, almost certainly Star Crossed) being the 55th watched show.
References season two being ranked at No.72. (This link also contains a fairly interesting small interview with Scott Bakula)
The season (season three) had been ranked "just 83rd" "so far" (which is, at most, the first 15 episodes of that season)
Discussion of the axe, talking about the show falling from 63 to 91, and that it was "never a big hit".

I hadn't realised that it hadn't "taken" in the US quite so much, as it seems to have entered the public consciousness... though so did The Twilight Zone, and I guess that was never a major hit, either.
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