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Originally Posted by blue enigma
I have no doubt that he loves her, he didn't want to hurt her and would feel terrible to know that he had. Though it still doesn't make sense to me why she didn't marry her first fiance in the first place. If making peace with her father helped her get over her abandonment issues she shouldn't have been afraid of commitment that first time.
It's Scott's belief that Donna was aware of what she married into, that she understands that Sam is fulfilling a great purpose and therefore not hurt by his actions. He also seemed to disagree with Sam's being unable to act freely with the memory of her. That he would know that she understood and this that he wasn't hurting her.
Watch the 2012 Wizard World comic con Quantum Leap panel on youtube where Scott explains this to a questioner.
(NOTE: turn up your volume, the sound system at this panel was poor).

As for why she did not marry her first fiancee, there are a few possible reasons which all come down to there being no love there. Such as the explanation that the novel Mirror's Edge offered of it being someone her mother had set her up with.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
First of all, Al the Bartender is NOT GFTW, he says so himself. To understand this episode, we need to understand that this leap is different to any other. He has not leapt into a person, rather, he has leapt into his own subconscious to try to make sense of his life.

It helps if you think about this episode like the Wizard of Oz, there are in fact a number of parallels - both Sam's leap and Dorothy's trip to Oz are implied to happen in their own heads, everyone they meet reminds them of someone they've met before, and they both want to go home. The major difference of course is the lesson that they each learn, Dorothy learning that if she wants to find happiness, there's no place like home, while Sam learns that he created Project Quantum Leap to make the world a better place, it's his life's work, and so he can't go home because there are always more wrongs that need to be put right.

So if Al the Bartender isn't GFTW, then what is he? Like everything else in this leap, he's a creation of Sam. I see three parts of Sam's psyche appearing in this episode. The Sam we see as Sam in this leap is really Sam's Id, his true self, all his wants and needs. Al the Bartender is Sam's Ego. He's the one who tries to get the Id to come to his senses and realise what really needs to be done. But it's not until Al the Observer appears that Sam realises how he can do what he needs to do. Al the Observer represesnts Sam's Superego, the one who provides the means to do what is needed and wanted, that is to save Al's marriage and then to keep on leaping.

Back on the Wizard of Oz analogy, I may have just answered my own question regarding Stawpah and Angelita. Stawpah is in fact Sam's recollection of an angel having helped him and knowledge of their existence, but it's more like a feeling in his heart rather than a proper memory. This is why Stawpah looks nothing like Angelita and leaps away rather than walking off. Why he chose to have Al's uncle be the manifestation of an angel I don't know, maybe he had become so codependent on Al the Observer that he needed someone Al-like to be there...
This is a pretty amazing theory and I believe some part of me in a way also saw the finale leap as some part of his subconscious. How it is possible for Sam to leap into his own subconscious is still a question at least for me. Unless he was in fact, as had just come to mind the other day, in between leaps. Continuing the Wizard of Oz comparison, Dorothy had turned out to have been unconscious/comatose and it can be assumed that in between leaps Sam is in a way comatose which would explain how from his perspective the transfer from one leap to the next is instantaneous.

My mind is now putting together a new theory to explain Stawpah. He's been stuck in a time loop as he several times over fails and retries the same task and of all those familiar to Sam in this environment, the lives he needs to save are those of the Frank and Jimmy look-alikes who'd been trapped in a mine and drowned. In the end it was Sam who did it. Later after his final departure it is then suggested that Stawpah is Al's uncle.
So what does everything about Stawpah seem to be centered around? Al right? Jimmy had meant the most to Al and in this case would represent his sister Trudy.
So my new theory is that Stawpah is Al's damaged soul which would account for his crippled appearance (don't forget that after The Leap Back he actually has some of Al's mind) or perhaps Sam's regret from turning his back on the opportunity to restore Al's first marriage. Or a little of both. We see in one scene Sam is even brought to tears thinking back on the attempt he could have made with Beth and then remedies it at the end.

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