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Originally Posted by blue enigma
Knights of the Morningstar is a good one. I'm not a big fan of the evil leapers but Rawn handled them well, as well as the rest of the QL universe, and she's a very good writer.
Couldn't agree more. There was flaw with her portrayal but overall it's obvious her theories are well thought out and attempt to follow the TV series.

Originally Posted by blue enigma
In Liberation Sam couldn't get himself to kiss the leapee's husband. But if the situation had been two women then being a straight guy he'd probably have had no problem with it.
This is why I think a lesbian woman would have made for an interesting and unique leap.

Originally Posted by blue enigma
Further complicating things: we know Sam can actually conceive a child in the body of a male leapee. My guess is he could still do so while leaping into a woman, since it is his body there
This is a good point, and remember not only could he conceive a child with a male aura but pass on his own genes not the leapee's. Hence Sammy Jo's IQ. This is one of the most significant ways in which we can tell that it's his body that leaps as opposed to his soul as some of the novels portray which I find distasteful.
This also suggests what even through a woman aura he could still conceive.

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