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This is also one of my favorite episodes. i find Sam to be so adorable in this one, as we descover his fear of hights, which also makes for some humor in the episode.
"Victor get down!"
"I Can't"
"What do you mena you can't? Quit fooling around and release!"
"My Fingers won't let go!"


I also enjoyed learning about Al, and his pet roach when he was eight. However, the kid in the next bed had a pet lizard.
"I'll never forget him, his name was Kevin"
"The kid in the next bed?"
"No, the roach".

we also learn that he ran away and joined the circus when he was Ten.
It was also cute when Sam didn't wanna get out of bed, at 4:30 in the morning to practice to catch Eva so she wouldn't meet death attempting the triple. this was one of my favorite scenes in the episode.
"I thought you always slept in shorts!"
"Ahh, Not always, now if you don't mind i'd like to go back to sleep".
Whoo hoo Sam doesn't sleep in boxers all the time

I also loved the diolouge between Sam and Eva in this Scene concerning how Her and Victor's mom died attempting the triple just as Eva was now fated. We learn that Sam's host Victor was was supposed to catch her that night, but dropped her and she died. Eva mentions that she had been ill with a cold and off balance, that Victor should not have been to blame although the father sees it another way.
Also there was a mysterious scene involving a psychic who was able to sense Al
"An Angel!"
"An angel? what makes you think that?"
"Idon't know it just came out".

and see reincardnation in Sam's eyes.
"Ah, i don't believe in reincardnation"
"You would if you could see all the souls i see in your eyes".

i liked how mysterious and interesting this was.
I loved Seeing how even though it was diffivuilt for Sam, Al was able to help him face his fear of hights, and able to make the life saving catch of that night.


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