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Yay Lunar Crystal, another person on my side about the Sammy Jo thing (Sorry I am not saying I dislike all you Sammy Jo likers)

Originally Posted by lunarcrystal
there was that soul-mate connection between them! *whimper* True love.
Yeah, In fact I forgot to mention my fav line in Star Crossed when He's wathing her get his order ready in the restruarnt
"I wanted to tell her who I was, to let her know that I was her Sam, and that we were meant to be together"
At least it goes something like that.
I loved how he called himself 'her Sam' that hows how much he really cherishes her.

This also made me real happy at the mail box scene when his memory was flooding back into his mind and he ran back through the imaging chamber door calling her name. Sadly this was not a surpise for me however as before I thought to download it, I looked it up and found a website to confirm that I somehow already knew that Donna was there. I forget how I knew its been almost two years now hehe. But yeah I blew it for myself and Kristen but thats not nearly as bad as my guy friend ruining Boogiem*n for us both :P

So yeah knew Donna was back but it was still a very suspensful scene seeing him remember so suddenly like that.

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