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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan
the Whole thing with Lisa. Kristen and I think that she was written by a rookie writer (cuz they got new writers sometime around there) who didn't know the show real well, because we feel that she did not fit into the epsiode at all, that she was real out of place and took away from the episode, however I won't say I hate her. The episode would not have been totally runied without her though, there are other things that could have happened, like maybe the Ex-boyfriend started getting aggressive on her or something. He did desplay a lot of jealously towards Sam and Cissy being with another man. I think he would have made a good villian for this episode, and I don't think Ql has done the concept of the abusive boyfriend or in this case ex-boyfriend yet. I think they could have done a lot with his charactor that would have made the episode slightly better.
1.Chris Ruppenthal(The B**gieman) wrote this episode.
2.They already did the "abusive boyfriend/ex-boyfriend"(Ex-husband,to be exact) in "Honeymoon Express",so i guess that the reason Chris came up with Lisa - the Ex-girlfriend.
3. I,too, think the character of Lisa had a lot of problems.
4. I found this episode an average episode only.Not a very strong storyline.The Lisa character that seems out of place.and the twist in the end,that really ruined it for me. I can't understand what the deal with all those twists.especially in QL. Can't you try and keep it simple?!

BTW this is the third "Lisa" we had during the series(The Second to be Exact) after 16 yo Sam - Lisa the cheerleader from "the Leap home" and Al's Lisa from "A leap for Lisa".What is the deal with this name in QL?!
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