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I found this episode very intense and emotional. It's a great desplay of how Black People were treated as only 1/5 of a person. That's a fact too I learned it in school a long time ago, that black people were only consitered 1/5 of a person. It was hard watching Sam desplay behaviors that he was very uncomfortable with and was not in his nature. Personally for me it was very hard watching Sam turn doen Nathanial and Nathanial accusing Sam of betraying him when that's no what he was doing. It's a very meaningful scene especially when Nathanial says
"what if I called you a red-necked, white-butted, stump dumb cracker. Still stings, doesn't it? Even if I didn't mean it."
And then when he drives off Sam tells Al that he feels like throwing up. I just feel so bad for the poor guy.

Another very strong scene was Sam's speech at the end of the episode when he threatended to let himself hang. I remember seeing a picture of Sam in the noose from this episode I think it was my soundtrack booklet, this was before I had seen past seaeson three and I remember really being intriged by it and wondering what happened and what episode that was.

The scene where Al talks to the little kids in the church is also one of my favorites its so adorable hearing all their ideas of who they think Al is hehe.

I think this is a very strong episode with strong emotions and messages.

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