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Originally Posted by Snish
I really prefer Sam as something less than perfect. If he were too perfect, he would be a cardboard saint or a superhero, not an interesting, believeable character. They don't let his Mr. Good Guy image slip too often, but it makes for great drama when they do--even if I complain about it because my beloved Al gets hurt.
I'm with you there, 100%. Sam is a much more attractive character as a 'flawed hero', as well as being more believeable. Nobody is perfect, and most people would find it hard to think objectively and live up to their normal standards when a family member is in peril. It is perfectly natural and understandable for him to be somewhat 'blinkered' at these times.
And at the end of the day, that is exactly how Al was in MIA when he saw a chance to save his marriage - all thoughts of Sam's 'real mission' went out the window. Had he thought more rationally and trusted Sam, then maybe Sam would have tried to complete both missions, like he did in Star Crossed. I don't blame Al at all for not doing that, I'm saying it's understandable.

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