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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan
Ok I see what you were getting at now. Yeah Al probably spared Sam's feelings of course but what I meant was that hypothetically had Sam known that Al was out there(whether or not Al himself was the source) being that he has such a big heart he probably would have been willing to give up Tom for Al although like Star-Crossed there is a small chance he may have been able to do both. Just judging from how heartbroken he was when he saw the photograph.
Personally, I think if Sam knew one of the POW's was Al he may have done his best to both free the POW's and save Tom's life but, if push came to shove, I think he would have made the decision to save his brother's life. He had the knowledge that whether or not the POW's were freed then, Al would end up being liberated. I believe his driving need to change his brother's history would have taken precedence.

When he sees the photo and sees that one of the POW's was Al, it's on top of the guilt he's already feeling over Maggie's death. In hindsight he realizes that not only did he lose the opportunity to cut short his friends time as a POW but he's also traded one life for another. Perhaps if given all that information - in order to save Tom another life must be sacrificed and Al won't be freed early - he might have considered not going the course he did but I still think the familial bond would win out. It's always seemed to me that Tom's death was a driving force and major event in Sam's life (something I've explored in my fiction) and something that haunted him. Given the opportunity to change it, I don't think he'd pass it up.
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