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True I didn't see Scott have the same Chemistry with Cissy as I did plenty of other women like Terri Hatcher, Mimi Kuzyk, Jennifer Antison and Tamyln Tomita(Some of the top actresses that I thought he had amazing chemistry with), but an actor can't be great with everyone. What it may look like is that Cissy's acting was a little over the top and Scott's was perfect as usual. I think she was realistic as her passion for Archie seemed very real to me but I an see where you can see more personality in Lisa. She was an extremely passion charactor who irnoically has childhood issues that get in the way with her relationships. And I did love Sam's attitude towards her, how he cared about her even though she was obviously very viciously jealous, and you would think any guy would want a woman like that locked up in a nut house. I love how Sam can see through a person's soul like that and read their heart. I don't understand why he does not have a degree in Psychology amoung his many; I think he has some talent in the area. There are a lot of times when he sees something inside someone that no one else can or will.

That is something I can say I like about Lisa how her character brings out one of the many qualities we love in Sam.

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