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Originally Posted by angvav View Post
So what law or rights won't let QL be released in france?

Or am I misreading this topic?
I don't think that it's laws or rights.

(WARNING: Boring Economics Explanation! ).

I can garner from the discussion that the dvds only made it to the third season, which would probably mean that it is not copyrights hindering it, but rather, it would not be cost-effective to produce the dvds. The dvd sales must have been low, and not worth the opportunity cost of creating the cds and packaging, transporting them to stores, and the manpower it would involve to complete those steps. The only way for QL DVDs to be released in France at this point would probably be for the demand of the item to increase, because if there is no demand for the item, then hence, there will be no supply. Therefore, there must a significant amount of people buying Quantum Leap CDs in France in order for QL to come to the country, because I don't think that copyright would be an issue, since it was fully released elsewhere.

(END of Boring Economics Explanation)

Do you understand, Angvav? Of course, if I did miss the mark, and misread the postings, then anyone from France should probably correct me.
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