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Re-reading this thread after several years and noticing the thoughts of this episode having been a flat story I can understand that perspective now. The way I see it is that the entire point of Tamlyn being able to see Sam was to give him a well deserved break and there was more to the story than just the relationship. He was there as he has been in many leaps to stop a murder. Which has actually had me recently thinking, Tamyln's murder stemmed from the relationship she'd established with "Dylan" so then what happened the first time when it was actually Dylan there who probably never met Tamlyn? Perhaps she was on to Ross?

When the season 4 DVDs were released I was actually quite pissed off that they removed the song I Wanna Know What Love Is and replaced it with sound-alike music. Thank goodness for my high school stupidity which supplied me with a bootleg of the episode (the entire series really).

Originally Posted by miriel68 View Post
Now I think about it, it seems to me you are perfectly right: I could say nothing about her beyond the fact she is psychic. And, after all, her being able to see Sam for what he really is, makes things far less exciting. I mean, in "Catch the falling star" Nicole was an intense personality and than, we are never sure (neither is Sam) if she is capable to sense he is not really Ray. When he says in the last scene "I love you Nicole", she answers "I love you too", but she doesn't add "Ray" therefore we can imagine lot of things. In "Temptation eyes" the story is rather flat, from that point of view.
Respectfully I disagree with this. I found it a very unique angle that Sam was for once working as himself.
Your perspective of the Nicole story while creative is invalid, I'm sorry. If you remember she told "Ray" that she had so many students through the years that she couldn't remember individuals when she only vaguely recognized Sam's warm up exorcise but couldn't place it to a student. If by some bizarre miracle she could have seen Sam she would have had no idea who he was especially since he's very much not 15 anymore.

On a side note, my opinion of the Abigail relationship has changed from the perspective I shared here years ago (refer to my recent post in The Leap Back thread) though I still wholeheartedly dislike the trilogy and disagree with the chemistry.

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