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So most of the episodes look quite good, although sometimes the film grain is quite evident. There are also darker scenes where things get out-of-focus due to the narrow depth-of-field. Also there are generational issues where some of the clips in the intro sequence look like they're a 3rd or 4th generation optical print rather than being struck from the negative. If someone took their time, they'd go back to the negative and have a really clean version of this. It really stands out to me because of course this clip is used in the intro of EVERY episode starting with Another Mother.

So far I've only found two things that really jumped out me as problematic. First up, Deliver Us From Evil (the first evil leaper episode). At the end when Zoey and Alia leap out and time is reversed, they clearly used a video mixer effect which does not scale well...

Worst of all though is for a few frames during the leap-in in Hurricane, the entire leap effect gets tinted green. Also the saga cell in this episode has an awful lot of gate jitter (the film wobbles up and down in the gate). Again, the vast majority of the episodes look good-to-great, but on some of these things, Ziggy did a rush job!


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