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Originally Posted by feldon30 View Post
It's just strange that some of the season 1 episodes start with the season 3 opener. I suppose if someone had all the VHS tapes of how these episodes originally aired, they could piece them back together. Personally, I'm a techie kinda guy and I'd be inclined to go back and add the corrected special effects for Sam leaping and Al opening the imaging chamber door to the earlier episodes as best as possible, but then that would be revisionist history wouldn't it!
Which season one episodes does that happen in? I haven't noticed any dramas in season one apart from Genesis Part II.

I agree about re-creating the effects (and saga cells) from scratch would create a much improved viewing experience. As they've done with all the effects on Star Trek TNG. However ... I don't think it will ever happen. And I think they have done something to improve Sam's leaps/Al going through the door effects, because when the DVDs came out, I recall the pictures for those shots being grainy as hell.
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